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SunshineCare Story

    My great-grandmother was diagnosed with emphysema when I was young.  Corina Duran Salas was a very strong woman who had worked hard since age nine, on a farm, and then raised children and grandchildren as a single divorced woman since the early 1950's, but as she aged, the emphysema was taking her breath away. I loved my great-grandmother dearly, and we lived with her for much of our lives, so when she was slowing down, each one of us did what we best knew how to care for and help her. She was on oxygen 24-7 and tasks that were once routine were not so easy anymore. I was helping my “gramma” bathe and change into her clothes. It was not a question of, “Do I want to do this?”, but an automatic act of love and care on my part, to be there for my gramma who loved me too. She lost her battle with emphysema and  I found myself seeing her in every elderly and ill person I worked with in various nursing homes over the years.

      Then in 2016, my paternal grandfather was suffering from injuries sustained in an accident and was now staying long term in the VA Hospital and other rehabilitative facilities. I could not leave my grandfather to handle all the details alone, and I wanted to be sure that he received great care. As his wife was also slowing down, I began to assist them as best I could, taking her to see him and being there for him in the hospital and at home. My maternal grandparents who have also stopped driving and have slowed in activities, live in the same town and when I was able to, I began to take them to doctors appointments as well as running errands.

     I searched for assistance and found out that none of my grandparents qualified for any state programs, nor did their insurance cover any type of In-home care. I was surprised and disappointed at how these precious aging people could fall through the cracks. I realized that they weren't the only ones and as aging parent's children move into other cities and become committed to their jobs and their own immediate family activities, most errands and doctors appointments, don't coincide with their own busy schedule, even though family members are definitely willing to help their aging parents or grandparents.

     It is because of all these experiences and walking with my grandparents through their daily struggles, that I have developed a passion to provide Private Pay Home care service for families like my own, who need assistance. In creating this company, my goal is to provide companionship as needed and non-medical care by caregivers that I carefully recruit to provide excellent and professional care with the highest standard of integrity and compassion.

     I pledge to continuously train caregivers with ongoing education so that all clients are treated as though they were my own grandparents. Caregivers will listen to clients and serve their needs, thus;  becoming an extension of their own family and following the instruction of the Apostle Paul, to “...Serve one another through love”. Galatians 5:13 BLB

Mission Statement

Provide Private pay services with courtesy and kindness

for those whose independence is paramount.

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